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It's always fun to look for patterns in nature. This unique jig-saw puzzle formed as a result of the different thicknesses of ice and the varied amounts of heat absorbance by the leaves on the forest floor. The distinct leaf impressions were around only for a couple of hours before this thin veneer of ice disappeared.
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Community Services: Otterbein Lake Enhancement

Client: Municipal parks and recreation department guided by steering committee of local residents
Location: Central Ohio
Project Type: Lake Edge Enhancement and Management
Project Dates: 2006 - 2012
Project Description:

A group of central Ohio residents working with the Westerville Parks and Recreation Department is aiming to develop Otterbein Lake to be a scenic, environmental, educational, and recreational resource for the community. This rectangular lake formed from an abandoned eight-acre borrow pit. MAD Scientist & Associates was contacted to help with planning, including assistance with a site design and planting plan for the project. This necessitated the development of a bathymetric map of the basin (shown below).

MAD Scientist & Associates has also consulted with the steering committee, Parks & Recreation department and engineers, and has helped to plan and lead several volunteer events. With the addition of shallow slopes and an irregular edge shape, the lake is expected to support ~0.4 acres of emergent wetland vegetation and valuable habitat and food sources for local wildlife. Work is on-going at this site.

Biodegradable Erosion Control Soil Broadcast Graph
Erosion matting placed by volunteers Volunteers scarifying the soil and broadcasting seed of emergent wetland and lake edge plant species Bathymetric map of the lake basin created by MAD Scientist and Associates
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